Bringing it all into focus we get at the heart of what makes your company interesting, relevant and different.


"We build brands that make people take notice".

We are a marketing and communications consulting company. And, our job is to get at the heart of what makes your company great. It sounds easy, but it isn’t. We dig deep, listen and find the insights that are powerful enough to make people inside and outside your organization take notice. When you know what you stand for, you can execute “like crazy” because you have a compelling game plan for everything you need to say and do.

Our thinking has impacted the growth of organizations and brands across multiple categories including CNET Networks, Intel, Procter & Gamble, Johnson & Johnson, Coors Brewing Company, mySimon, Epson, Gallo and M&M/Mars.



We believe in the power of an insight and how it translates to a big idea. We like to keep things simple and don’t love jargon. We try to engage both sides of our brains because it leads to more provocative solutions. We talk (sometimes too much), but only after we listen. We don’t like to settle until we’ve really nailed the solution.

arrow    Great ideas make things happen

Strategies shouldn’t just sit on a piece of paper; they should be powerful enough to inspire people to take action.

arrow    Simplicity is genius

Albert Einstein once said he should be able to explain his theory of relativity to a “bar maid.” Mark Twain said, “I could have written you a short story, but didn’t have the time.” Enough said.

arrow    Great brands begin with unique DNA

Our process begins with listening; really helps us uncover the things that customers will find unique and motivating about your company.

arrow    We don't do "vanilla"

We help companies and brands take a stand and get specific so they get noticed. We don't do vanilla.

arrow    Stories beat the heck out of PowerPoint presentations"

We help companies get their stories straight. An engaging story should be the basis for everything you do.

arrow    "Killer" executions come from "killer" strategies

Great sales presentations, marketing campaigns and websites all have at least one thing in common...they are all grounded in smart, inspired strategies.


arrow    Brand Strategy

Getting at the heart of what makes your company great. A simple, powerful brand strategy ensures everything you communicate inside and outside your organization will be consistent and compelling.

arrow    Brand Architecture

We help you maximize the potential of your line of products or services. A clear architecture keeps customer confusion to an absolute minimum and ensures people understand everything you have to offer.

arrow    Marketing Strategy

We develop marketing strategies that get your company noticed. We help you answer the tough questions about who to target, how to reach them and what to say.

arrow    Corporate Vision and Mission

We help companies uniquely define what they bring to the World. We work with executive teams on simplifying and crystalizing the way they “pitch” themselves inside and outside their organizations.

arrow    Presentations

We develop presentations that go beyond typical PowerPoint. We help tell your story in a way that inspires and gets people rising to their feet.

arrow    Advertising

We partner with advertising agencies and freelance talent to create compelling advertising campaigns. We have deep experience building powerful advertising campaigns for both digital and traditional media channels.

arrow    Corporate Identity and Web Design

We partner with design agencies to make your brand come alive in corporate identity and design. We also work with top-notch digital partners to make your web site both beautiful and functional.

arrow    Naming

We help companies come up with the perfect name to signal the right message to their perspective customers. We can name anything from your company to a new product or line extension (or even your pet).

arrow    Pitching and Storytelling

We are experts in helping companies get their story straight and we also help companies “pitch” themselves to the outside World. We do workshops that train executives to more effectively sell their ideas to their audiences.

arrow    BrandLaunch™

We created a new service called BrandLaunch™ that gives early stage companies a customized set of brand and creative assets to get them up and running.