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Borrowed Interest and The Oscars

When I was in the ad agency business and ran a piece of P&G business years ago, the P&G guys coined the term “borrowed interest.”  P&G used the term when an ad agency tried to sell them a TV commercial where the “drama” of the ad was only loosely connected to the benefit of the product.  P&G was probably right … Continue reading


Does Your Brand Have Juice?

If you think that building a brand today is any less important than it was prior to social media, SEO, or word of mouth marketing, you might be mistaken.  The game has changed, and the tools are different, but the need to create a unique, powerful brand has never been more important.  Good branding is about breaking through and getting … Continue reading


Marketing wisdom from a guy at Fisherman’s Wharf

One morning just prior to the most recent presidential election, I was sitting in front of my computer trying to come up with something pithy to open a “storytelling” workshop I was leading.  Intel’s new product incubator team had hired me to help them package and sell their cool new ideas. I was drawing a blank on my opening, so … Continue reading