“HansThink delivered in a way that fundamentally shaped our internal and external communication”.


Case Image NetShelter's mission is to help technology publishers, marketers and consumers become more informed, influential and successful.

NetShelter was the vision of two entrepreneurs who wanted to take a fresh approach to building a tech media company. NetShelter had a unique business model, but struggled with how to tell their story.

Hans Think helped NetShelter get at the heart of what makes their company better and different than traditional media companies. Unlike traditional media companies, NetShelter embraces publishers of all sizes. Their only criteria, is that publishers have to be influential enough to deliver passionate, loyal audiences. As a result, NetShelter attracts substantially more “influencers” (aka early adopters) than traditional media companies.

We helped NetShelter realize that their ability to deliver large concentrations of influencers should be at the center of their corporate and brand strategy. This is a big deal for marketers (NetShelter’s primary target audience) who realize that influencers are incredibly valuable in driving purchase decisions.

This direction led to NetShelter’s mission statement, “We’re In The Influence Business.” This mission has become a motivating ideology inside their organization and informs all aspects of their business and marketing strategy. Today, NetShelter is one of the country’s fastest growing tech media companies.