Storytelling that goes beyond PowerPoint

We've all been there, probably more times than we can count. We're at a the big company Pow Wow and the CEO proudly pulls out his multi-slide PowerPoint filled with colorful eye charts, impressive hockey stick graphs and concludes with a bullet point-packed slide with 10 "critical takeaways". Yet, unfortunately we don't take away much of anything. It's called death by PowerPoint, and it's all too common a disease.

We take a different tact.

We start with your story.

Stories work in business (just as they do in life) because we're hardwired from an early age to learn from stories. Business stories have a plot with well-developed characters who face interesting challenges that require ingenuity to get to a resolution. Stories are interesting and provocative because they paint pictures, answer questions and allow us to use our imaginations.

So, regardless of whether you are launching a new product, announcing a sensitive reorganization or pitching investors, YOU NEED A STORY. Our job is to help you tell your story in a way that will get people rising to their feet rather than yawning and looking at their watches. In our storytelling process, we bring a strong combination of in-depth strategic thinking, creativity and executional excellence to every presentation.


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Because we've held senior leadership business roles, we understand the pressure you're under. In other words, we don't waste your time. We're a "quick study" so we get things right the first time. Rather than imposing a style on you, we help you to present your story in a way that is true to your voice and authentic to your personality.

Chief Storyteller

Our presentation team is led by John J. Geoghegan, who is both a seasoned business leader and a published author. John was CEO of several Bay Area companies and also head of sales and marketing at Lucas Arts. John's writing chops are impressive enough that Random House gave him a six-figure advance to write his first book. John is passionate about helping companies craft their stories in a way that fully engages audiences and motivates them to take action. John's Full Bio

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