Building great brands through fresh, inspired thinking.


We created BrandLaunch™ to serve the marketing and branding needs of small businesses and startups. With BrandLaunch™, we give you the same quality of thinking, creativity and executional excellence that we have traditionally provided only to larger organizations.


Strategic Brand Foundation

Tackling the daunting task of branding your company can be filled with indecision. We eliminate the uncertainly by giving you a strategic framework that defines what makes your company interesting and different. Having a solid strategy gives you a "north star" for everything you communicate inside and outside your organization (including everything from name to corporate identity and design to marketing communications).

Designed for small businesses

Brand Launch™ is designed specifically for small businesses and startups. We give new companies "big brand thinking and execution" but we streamline the process to deliver what you need at a reasonable cost.

The BrandLaunch Package

We deliver a customized set of brand and creative assets to get your business up and running. Sample deliverables include a tight brand strategy, name and url, logo and corporate identity, key messaging outline and a website. We tailor your package based on your company's stage of development and individual needs.

Who needs BrandLaunch™?

Any new business that wants to get it right from the beginning. We have worked with companies across a variety of categories including internet, technology, packaged goods, food and beverage. We are experts in consumer-focused businesses, but also have strong experience in b-to-b. So, whether you are starting a clean tech company, a winery, a yoga studio or an internet start-up, we can help you get off the ground.

BrandLaunch™ Packages

We create customized packages based on your stage of development and individual needs. We develop both top- to-bottom packages as well as "ala carte" services. You may already have a name or a logo, but we can still help with brand strategy, messaging and creative development. Please contact us for a free consultation.